Bigfoot DNA Tests Prove Hairy Creature Exists
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November 28, 2012: According to a Texas-based researcher who has claimed to have analyzed more than 100 DNA samples from the elusive bigfoot, the creature is real - and furthermore, a half-human hybrid, since its mitochondrial DNA is identical to humans.

'Ketchum's study showed that part of the DNA her team sequenced revealed an unknown primate species, she said, which suggests that Bigfoot is a real creature that resulted from this primate "crossing with female Homo sapiens."'
'"The first [theory], endorsed by Ketchum, is that Bigfoot ancestors had sex with women about 15,000 years ago and created a half-human hybrid species currently hiding across North America.'


3. Arcana Wiki Map entry - site of Diagnostics Inc., the company that did the sequencing.

Game and Story Use

  • Has bigfoot continued to interbreed with humans? Are there human families with part-sasquatch ancestry?
    • Mine H.P. Lovecraft's "Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family for ideas.
    • If you prefer more recent authors, you could try the Dresden Files short stories in the (appropriately named) "Bigfoot" cycle ("B" is for Bigfoot, I was a teenage bigfoot and Bigfoot on campus).
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