Binding Magic
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Basic Information

Binding magic is the branch of magic - rarely a school - that deals with containing and compelling supernatural forces. This is the sort of magic you need to create fetishes and to tin up evil.

These workings are likely to be in demand with a variety of schools, and may belong to more than one - invocation/summon magic is likely to be an obvious contender as it's a necessary adjunct to their work, alternatively it may be part of charm magic (or enchantment in either of its interpretations), or ward magic, or abjuration. Depending on where it sits in a given setting, bindings may also work on mortals - possibly to the extent that they posses supernatural powers, but it may also allow people to be "bound" from other things, or even "bound" to a geas or other compulsion.

This is traditionally a school in which knowing the true name of whatever entity you are trying to compel becomes very useful.


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Game and Story Use

  • Some settings - notably the Stormbringer setting based around the works of Eric Moorcock - have this as the basis of all magic: humans cannot work proper magic on their own; all they can do is capture and coerce demons into working it for them.
  • Campaign play becomes a lot more fun when PCs learn invocations without learning the appropriate ward magic and bindings to go with it and mainly succeed in catching something very angry.
  • Bindings to prohibit specific acts could be a significant part of a fantasy legal system - tattoos might be a useful technique for anchoring the binding to the subject.
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