Black Widow
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Basic Information

A Black Widow is a villain named after the spider of the same name who keeps on killing her husbands/mates. Usually, but not always, she is a con artist and serial killer doing this for the inheritance.

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Game and Story Use

  • A classical use of such a character in a story would be if the protagonists discover that one of their friends or acquaintances might be about to marry a Black Widow - and now they must find enough evidence to convince the love-besotted man of his mistake.
    • In the meantime, if the Black Widow becomes aware of their suspicions, she might try to kill them as well - and maybe her abilities aren't just limited to killing people when they are at their most vulnerable and don't expect it…
  • Someone who looks like a Black Widow might not be.
    • There might be a jealous stalker attacking anyone she gets close to.
    • She might be cursed or have attracted some kind of supernatural attention.
    • She might be framed by a serial killer.
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