Blasts, fire at Toronto propane depot
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Basic Information

August 10, 2008.: A fire and several huge explosions occurred at a propane depot in Toronto, Canada.


Original story
YouTube video of the fire - skip to 1:50 for a huge explosion, complete with screams and a mushroom cloud.

Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps a fire demon or elemental got loose.
  • The YouTube video makes for a a great, Cloverfield-esque video handout of what it would look like from a distance when someone needs to fight a gigantic creature with lots of fire and explosives.
  • In a Supers campaign, natural gas explosions make good disasters for heroes to contain and rescue people from.
  • In a modern campaign, the PCs can discover a plot by the villains to blow up a propane depot which they must try to thwart
  • The explosion could have extraordinary consequenses:
    • In Rumiko Takahashi's manga Fire Tripper, a gas explosion is the catalyst which activates a young girl's power to travel through time.
  • Was it really a propane explosion?
    • In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, mention is made of a wizard's battle which killed several innocent bystanders and which was covered up by the Ministry of Magic as a "gas explosion"
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