Blood Knight
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"My shadow follows me wherever I should chance to go,"
John the Gun did say.
"If you should chance to meet me as I wander to and fro,
sad would be your day.
My life is mine and light did shine
'til the guns, they did go through me,
So now I shall never fall.
Ideals of peace are gold which fools
have found upon the plains of war.
I shall destroy them all."

(from) John the Gun Sandy Denny

Basic Information

The Blood Knight is a character that lives for war - they love to prove themselves in battle. Often out Walking the Earth, looking for a Worthy Opponent.

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Game and Story Use

  • This character works well as a recurring NPC antagonist or rival. Just make him tough enough that the PC's don't kill him off right away.
  • He can also work as a PC in a darkish campaign.
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