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Basic Information

"Boffin" is British slang for a scientist or technician. The origin of the term is obscure, but during World War II it was used by British soldiers to refer to the engineers who developed new military technologies, such as radar, cryptography and computers. After the War, the term gradually acquired a more derogatory connotation, like "egghead", but during the War boffins were often seen as heroes in their own right.


2. book: The Dambusters by Paul Brickhill — a team of pilots and engineers working to develop bombing techniques and weapons to destroy key enemy targets. Was also made into a good (if slightly sanitized) movie.

Game and Story Use

  • An important part of a WWII era campaign.
  • Usually the boffin is a technical wizard, operating in secret laboratories far from the front lines; but sometimes a technical expert will need to accompany a combat group on a special mission.
    • In such a situation, the PC's role will be to protect the boffin so that he can accomplish the mission.
  • A more common use for the boffin will be to brief the PC's as to the technical aspects of a new weapon or an important procedure.
  • The Boffin may also be used as a PC, fulfilling a similar role in a modern-day War campaign that a Wizard does in a Fantasy campaign.
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