Boisterous Bruiser
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Basic Information

He's the big, jolly guy with the ham-like fists; always ready for a drink, a fight, a wench or a joke; not necessarily in that order. When he slaps you on the back, he sends you flying across the room. But that's okay; once he picks you up again, he'll probably buy you a drink. If he hasn't inadvertently started a bar brawl first. The chances are good he'll be played by Brian Blessed. He's the Boisterous Bruiser; a tough guy with a heart of gold.


Game and Story Use

  • The Boisterous Bruiser makes a better sidekick than a leading man; but he's a perfectly good character type for a PC.
  • He also makes a good NPC support character; just the man to have your back in case things get hairy.
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