Bonnot Gang
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Basic Information

In 1911 and 1912, several bank robber/car thief/criminals with strong anarchist political leanings confounded the police of France and Belgium. These troublemakers used then-cutting-edge technology such as get-away cars and repeating firearms to rob bankers and other wealthy individuals. The cops just hadn't yet caught up with the big industrial and technological changes of the early 20th Century.

They robbed banks, gun shops, and transfers of money. They stole guns and automobiles and later used those stolen goods to commit future crimes.

The most famous of these anarchists was a man named Jules Bonnot. He actually was interviewed by a French newspaper in the midst of his crime spree. Prior to his interview, these movement of anarchist robbers were just known as "automobile bandits", but afterwards, they were popularly called The Bonnot Gang. In the interview he talked politics and espoused professionalism in his "work", and claimed to try to avoid violence and out-think the police. None the less, his crew did kill police officers, and eventually he himself died in a violent shoot-out with police in 1912.

Bonnot's accomplices were arrested in 1912 and tried in 1913. Some received life sentences, or even just a few years, but others were put to death by guillotine.


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