Brainwashed And Crazy
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Brainwashed And Crazy is a mind manipulation trope. It refers to a type of brainwashing where the victim becomes violent towards others as a result.

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Game and Story Use

  • Even seemingly ordinary people might become violent if there is such a trigger - so unless the PCs are immune to their attacks, they will not be safe unless they keep away from other people.
    • Maybe the result of one of the CIAs much mythologised MK- projects from the 1950s-1970s. MKULTRA would be a good bet.
  • A useful subversion: the subject is a crazy person brainwashed into sanity and some event (a stage hypnotist, stroboscopic light, a sedative drug etc.) breaks their conditioning and sets them on a rampage.
    • Could be an X-Files style reveal for a government programme, possibly one to save money by 'rehabilitating' dangerous mental patients … or a cover up of some project that drove people violently insane. Again, something like MKULTRA would be a good bet.
  • If you're feeling cruel, make the crazy person someone the PCs need alive - not only can they not make the problem go away by shooting it (as PCs seem to like to do), but they need to stop other people - like the police - shooting the subject.
    • Or have a previous contact of theirs sent crazy as an example of what The Conspiracy does to its enemies.
  • This could also be an unintended consequence of a mass manipulation program - a significant minority of individuals react to the conditioning by becoming irrational and violent (much, for example, as in the paradoxical response to the Pax agent in Serenity - although that was a neurochemical response rather than a directly psychiatric one).
  • It could also happen as a result of a botched attempt at magical or psychic control.
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