Brane Cosmology
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Basic Information

Brane cosmology is a cosmological model which claims that the visible, four-dimensional universe is a limited section - a so-called "brane" - of a higher-dimensional space, called the "bulk". Other branes might be moving through the bulk, and there might be interactions between different branes via certain forces, such as gravity.

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Game and Story Use

  • The word "brane" is just too cool not to use for dimension-hopping campaigns, and "brane" and "bulk" might be used in campaigns with a more mystical perception of the cosmos as well.
    • Furthermore, there is no need for "parallel universes" such as those in the Many-Worlds Interpretation cosmology where too many things are similar to the world in which the characters started - these have become a rather overused trope. Instead, feel free to construct some rather different universes which can interact with each other.
    • The possibility of interaction between different branes is intriguing - how will a different universe affect ours when they get "closer" to each other?
      • Such places might be represented as "weak spots in reality" - ranging from haunted houses and fairy trods to space-time anomalies.
      • Maybe the different branes come closer and drift apart periodically, leading to prophecies of future disastrous interactions between the two universes (or regular peaceful interactions between but who wants something boring as that)?
        • Maybe the Annunaki of **Fading Suns went to a different brane in prehistory. But now, as the suns are fading, the branes are moving together and they start to return…
          • Something like this might be speculated upon in an ancient Second Republic text the PCs can find.
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