Breaking! Atlantis discovered on Google Earth (well, maybe)
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February 20, 2009: Strange, rectangular marks have been discovered in a map from Google Earth. These marks can be found 600 miles west of Morocco, deep in the Atlantic Ocean, and they are at one of the most prominent possible locations for Atlantis.

However, according to Google, these marks are nothing more than "artifacts of the data collection process".



Game and Story Use

  • Apparently, Google is one of THEM - one of the agencies and organizations trying to keep Atlantis hidden so that they can exploit it for themselves.
  • If those marks were genuine, this would lead to an international treasure hunt to exploit the ruins - and possibly find long-lost technologies. Or orichalcum.
    • In that case, the major navies of the world will try to contest access to the region. The navies of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia probably have the best opportunities to stake their claims…
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