Brilliant But Lazy
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Basic Information

A character who is Brilliant But Lazy would be more than capable of dealing with most problems in the story - but usually, he cannot be bothered with exerting himself sufficiently to solve them. He will always Refuse The Call except when the situation is truly dire - whereupon he will deal with the problem decisively, all the while grumbling about the work involved.

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Game and Story Use

  • These are hard to portray as player characters in most campaigns, since the PCs are supposed to exert themselves to the utmost to deal with any problem, and any attempts to ignore the problem will likely be resented by the other player characters - and the players. Still, such characters can be fun to play in Sit Com-style games - especially if the length the character goes to avoid dealing with the problem involves more effort than dealing with the problem itself would require in the first place.
  • On the other hand, these make for good NPCs - especially in the brilliant and powerful mentor figure who doesn't want to bother with dealing with anything himself and sends the PCs instead.
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