Bullet With Your Name On It
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Basic Information

The bullet with your name on it is an apotropaic amulet born out of the European folk tradition and worn by fighting men for protection from enemy firearms. The concept is simple - based on the belief that "somewhere out there there is a bullet with your name on it" (that is, intended for you), and by having such a bullet in your possession you ensure that no other such bullet can be fired at you. Equally, the bullet can be given to a loved one at home - a lover, wife or mother is traditional - to wear on your behalf, possibly adding another layer of protection. In the modern era, this generally takes the form of a whole cartridge, often with the propellant drawn, engraved with the name of the person to be protected and worn as a necklace. Alternatively the amulet may simply be carried about in a pocket or pouch.

Strictly, to be truly effective, this amulet should be made with a round captured from the enemy before it was fired.


1. TV Series: Blackadder Goes Forth : In one episode, Baldrick is seen creating one, presumably from one of his own bullets.

Game and Story Use

  • Presumably the amulet only protects the wearer from shots actually fired at him, rather than ricochets, suppressing fire or random hate, let alone grenades, artillery fire and what have you1.
  • And maybe it only protects you from the specific type of bullet that it's made from. Probably most useful to a soldier faced with an enemy who mostly all use the same service rifle - a policeman faced with the mixed bag of weapons wielded by criminals may have much less success.
  • For flavour, the bullet may shatter when the charm activates and protects the wearer.
  • Might need to be engraved by a cunning man or equivalent part to work properly or may only work if worn by someone with innate talent.
    • This might lead to a talented member of a community wearing a great many amulets on behalf of others - for those with hostile intent towards a community's fighting men, this person could become an important target.
  • And of course, if the owner decides to kill you (or the bullet is stolen by an enemy), the bullet is probably an automatic hit at least.
    • A possible twist: once you create the thing, you're fated to be shot with it. It wants to be stolen, or failing that for you to suffer a major falling out with the person holding it. In the meantime, you're protected from other damage, because you have to be alive for it to shoot you.
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