Bunny Ears Lawyer
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Basic Information

The Bunny Ears Lawyer trope describes a character who is …eccentric… but really good at what they do.

Okay, the truth is they're probably insane, but they're so good at whatever it is they do (which doesn't have to be Law, any expert profession will suffice) that their bizarre behavior is largely overlooked. Strangers, however, tend to be shocked by Mr Bunny Ear's behavior.



Game and Story Use

  • Most common in TV shows, but there's definitely a place for this sort of character in gaming. As an NPC, you can just have bizarre antics in the background, strange costume choices, etc, as some flavor to make a character memorable.
  • For a PC, the craziness is a bit more front-and-center. Try not to hog the spotlight too much, or undermine other players Willful Suspension of Disbelief. Also, there's a fine line between eccentric and liability - make sure you're on the right side of it.
    • And, of course, it helps a lot if the player themselves has the charisma and spontaneity to pull this off week after week.
  • A great way to characterize members of a Kangaroo Court, the entourage of a Powermad Dictator, the court of The Caligula, etc. You can definitely push the absurdist elements to make it clear that logic has gone on vacation and the PCs have to watch their backs.
    • However, don't be surprised if this prompts the PCs to become rebels and try to topple the whole system.
  • In general, this is a light-hearted depiction of mental disorders. As such, it's not a good match for real serious and dark games, but works great in humorous settings. Being the Bunny Ears Lawyer in Risus or InSpectres enhances everyone's fun. On the other hand, being the Bunny Ears Lawyer in a Call of Cthulhu game is probably disrupting someone else's enjoyment of the setting and themes.

Building This Character

Character Level

  • Can run the gamut, as long as they're really good at something useful.



  • Pick one skill or area of expertise and max it out. For a short-term NPC, this can be something obscure that's just helpful at the moment. For a PC or recurring NPC, you'll want it to be a major skill with useful applications. Pick a Profession that is in demand, and make sure you're one of the best at it.
  • Acting, Disguise, Taunt, and Intimidate are all good skills for putting on the performance that is this characters life.
  • Other Social Skills and Problem-Solving Skills will be helpful for getting yourself out of the trouble your antics are likely to cause.

Flaws and Hindrances

  • A few Quirks and Eccentricities are in order.
  • Or you might actually go the full Insanity route.
    • Note that TV's version of insanity is a lot more fun than the real thing.


  • The main variation here is dependent on the Profession you choose for the character. The nature of that job will determine their attributes and skills, and may influence the type or degree of wackiness they engage in.
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