Burning Man
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Basic Information

Burning Man is an annual festival taking place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada which culminates in the burning of a wooden effigy. The first Burning Man took place on June 21 1986 (the summer solstice) in San Francisco, California. In 2007, 47,366 people participated.


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Game and Story Use

  • A ritualistic gathering with that many people is sure to generate huge amounts of magical energies.
  • The Man might animate, or be brought to life by arcane forces.
  • Terrorists would find Burning Man an ideal location for setting off a bomb and vanishing into the crowd. (Some would argue that this has already happened, actually.) Alternatively, a biological weapon released at Burning Man could have devastating effects, as people come from all over the world to attend the festival.
  • Strange cults gather at Burning Man. It is possible that one of them might have hidden lore needed by the pcs, or be involved in some sinister scheme.
  • PCs might be able to find nearly any strange item at Burning Man, but not for sale; the event is anti-commerce. Instead, they would have to trade or perform some deed in order to obtain it.
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