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Basic Information

Burrunjor is the name given to a monstrous bipedal reptile said by aboriginal tribes to exist in the Arnhem Land of northern Australia. Prior to European colonization, the creature was regarded as a relic of ancient times, rarely encountered and highly dangerous. In the early days of Australian colonization various stories emerged of cattle vanishing in the night and missing children found disemboweled in the uppermost branches of tall trees. This is reflected in aboriginal tradition, which held that the Burrunjor sometimes speared its prey on branches in order to devour it, as its tiny fore-arms could not hold up carcasses nor reach its jaws.

Sightings describe an enormous Tyrannosaurus-like Dinosaur, with muscular back legs, tiny or non-existent arms, and a long, inflexible tail.

In more modern times sightings of the monster have been limited, and the lore of some tribes hold that Burrunjor has become extinct. However, the occasional discovery of distinctly saurian, very large footprints throughout Australia has spurned hope in Cryptozoology circles that the great beast may still exist.


Game and Story Use

  • The Burrunjor could be a unique alternative to a traditional Dragon.
    • In a Fantasy setting the Burrunjor may be a primal ancestor of more advanced or perhaps intelligent Dragons. Burrunjor may be extinct in such a setting or still in existence as lesser opponents than dragons.
  • The Burrunjor makes for a harrowing Wandering Monster.
  • The vast Australian desert may be harbouring a Maple White Land-esque lost world, fit for exploration and all manner of derring do.
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