Bus Rider Recalls Another Gruesome Incident
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You have followed the traces of the vengeful spirit possessing its unfortunate victim, and are now in hot pursuit. Will you catch him before it starts mutilating its victim?


August 2, 2008: A passenger on a Greyhound bus once locked himself into the bathroom and began scalping himself.

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Game and Story Use

  • This (as well as the other incident mentioned above) could be the work of a vengeful spirit that possesses people.
    • The fact that both events took place in a public setting (a bus) would seem to indicate that the spirit feeds on the terror of the witnesses.
    • Would be an interesting wrinkle if the incidents both started at the same point on the road - perhaps the spirit responsible is the ghost of someone buried in the pier or a bridge or embankment somewhere along the road that can occasionally jump out and possess vulnerable passers-by.
    • Or perhaps the witness herself is attracting these incidents somehow. What powers are messing with her… and why her?
  • Alternatively, perhaps this is some sort of weird magical ritual.
  • In real life, a delusion related to the use of psychotropic drugs is the most likely explantion … and is likely to be the bland rationalisation of the event whatever the actual cause was.
    • A drug specifically tailored to create self-destructive hallucinations would be an interesting plot-point.
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