Calamari Caper
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By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Adventure Seed

A friend of yours who is an amateur photographer has been arrested while traveling in a foreign country on charges of drug trafficking. You know the charges are ridiuclous and you go there to help him get out of his difficulties. But once you begin investigating, you find that the real reason he's being held is because he inadvertantly stumbled across information the government of that country wants to keep a secret.

The government is working on forcefield technology that would create an inpenetrable barrier around the country. It could also be adapted into a deadly weapon. The research is being done in a remote lab hidden at the site of an abandoned squid cannery that your friend was photographing.

Can you spring your friend and clear his name? Can you uncover the mysterious project? Will there be a giant squid lurking around the lab somewhere?

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