Calif police department on alert for deadly traps
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March 17, 2010: The gang enforcement unit of the police department of Hemet, California (about 90 miles east of Los Angeles) have been faced with numerous booby traps in recent weeks. The traps have included:

  • A natural gas pipe was shoved through a drilled hole in the ceiling of their headquarters, filling it with flammable gas (it was detected before it was ignited).
  • A ballistic contraption was attached to a sliding fence, causing a bullet to be fired when the fence was pushed, and only narrowly missing an officer.
  • An explosive device was attached to the underside of a police officer's unmarked car while he went into a convenience store.

An outlaw motorcycle gang called the Vagos is suspected to be behind these attacks, as gang members were angered after the unit observed a funeral of one of their members and afterward questioned several of them. Members of the gang have observed policemen since and engaged in "suspicious behavior".



Game and Story Use

  • An enemy who only attacks the characters indirectly via traps can be both very dangerous and very frustrating to the player characters, as they cannot easily fight them back.
    • This is especially true if the player characters operate under some legal constraints - this way, they have to prove who was responsible for the traps first before they can stop them, even if they have strong suspicions about their opponent.
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