California Aqueduct
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Basic Information

The California Aqueduct is a system of tunnels, canals and pipelines that transports water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and valleys of Northern- and Central California to Southern California.


Game and Story Use

  • If in a Twenty Minutes Into The Future or Cyberpunk setting water becomes an even more precious resource in California than it is now (possibly due to Global Warming), the use of the California Aqueduct might very well become violent - Northern Californians trying to destroy it while Southern Californians trying to protect and expand it. This will be especially true if the United States government (or just the Californian one collapses.
    • megacorps entrenched in Southern California especially might not care about the environment and people of the northern parts of California.
  • The California Aqueduct represents an obvious weakness for the southern parts of California. Sabotage it, and southern Californians have nothing to drink. Slip something undetectable into the water supply, and you can poison them instead.
  • And for aquatic monsters or water elementals this is like a motorway network.
  • When "the Big One" knocks the West coast of this should be an interesting relic…
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