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Basic Information

A campaign is one of a number of thematically similar things depending on context:

  1. In RPG terminology, a campaign consists of the linked adventures of a given GM and playing group (or occasionally more than one of each), existing in its own imaginary reality and running as a specific instance of a given campaign setting.
  2. In military terminology a campaign is a specific part of a power's war strategy, consisting of a number of linked operations and battles targetting a large scale objective.
  3. In politics a campaign is a programme of electioneering or other mass manipulation designed to acheive a specific objective (generally - in a democracy at least - the election to office of a candidate or the alteration of government policy).

Since this is an RPG board, the RPG definition bears most attention (although any given example may include the latter two cases as part of play). Key attributes of a campaign include the cast (GM and players), setting, system, scale and scope. All of these should be agreed beforehand between the GM and players to avoid disappointment.


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Game and Story Use

  • Etymological confusion (and the desire to buy a thesaurus) may result from your campaign including the PCs participation in both military and political campaigns. And it still won't be as bad as the trouble Gygax and Arneson got themselves into with the word "level".
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