Can Trump really stage a coup?

We usually tend to avoid modern contentious politics here at ArcanaWiki, but… well… this is an unusual time, and this article addresses a number of issues and developments that are very gameable if transplanted outside this moment.

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November 10, 2020: Article discusses the possibility that United States President Donald Trump, might try to subvert the system and retain control of the White House. Trump lost the last week's election by about 4 million votes but currently refuses to concede the election. He has challenged the election process in several jurisdictions, and thus far, his efforts have been dismissed by judges as lacking evidence and/or legal standing.

Obviously, this is a highly politicized topic, so I'm putting most of the summary under a collapsible field so it's easier to skip the more incendiary statements.



Game and Story Use

  • I've put a detailed summary in the collapsible field above, so click on it if you want more information. (I am trying to keep the non-optional parts of the page relatively apolitical.)
  • The current American scenario is pretty tense, so GMs should probably avoid it unless you know for certain that you're entire playgroup is on the same side of the political aisle. Even then, when things are this stressful in the real world, your players might want escapism rather than a game that reflects their fears.
  • It does, however, bring to clarity the political processes that can lead to government collapse. So you could easily apply the lessons in the article as a bit of worldbuilding or backstory for any dystopia / banana republic military regime / After The End scenario in your setting.
    • Situations that used to make audiences/players in the US ask "how does that even happen?" are now far easier to grok (and are even more so after reading that article).
    • If sanity and clarity prevail, years from now this won't be such an uncomfortable topic, and you'll be able to mine the situation for plot threads and character motivations.
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