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Basic Information

The candlefish - also known as eulachon or oolichan is a fish native to the American Pacific Coast which played a significant part in the pre-Columbian economy and continued to do so through the Colonial Era into modern times.

Candlefish earns its name from the high fat content of fish caught during their spawning season - so high, in fact1, that a dried specimen could be strung on a wick and burned like a candle. The fish was also stored for use as a high energy long life foodstuff and rendered for an oil (generally referred to as "grease") which was traded far inland for culinary and industrial uses.


Candlefish at "the other" wiki

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Game and Story Use

  • The idea of a fish which can be burned like a candle will probably stretch your players suspension of disbelief, so have the wiki link ready.
  • "Grease" should be considered a variant form of tallow for most purposes.
  • Presumably you could brew up some kind of fishy pemmican out of their greasy fat…
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