Capulet Counterpart
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Basic Information

She's cute, she's competent, and she likes you. Too bad she's on the other side.

The Capulet Counterpart takes the theme of the Star-Crossed Lovers and transplants it into an adventure setting. She's no passive Juliet pining on her balcony; she's a perfectly capable member of the bad guy's team. Her loyalties tug her one way and her heart the other.



Game and Story Use

  • The Capulet Counterpart works best as a recurring NPC, although a PC could possibly be a former Capulet who has defected to the group's side.
  • The Capulets might not be entirely evil, making her conflict all the more difficult.
    • Especially if she has family on the other side.
    • If at all possible, she will plead with her boss to spare the life of her love interest.
      • This might not be possible.
  • Ultimately, She will be forced into a situation where she must betray either one side or the other.
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