Castle Falkenstein
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Basic Information

Castle Falkenstein is an RPG setting published by R. Talsorian combining Victorian Era Steampunk, swashbuckling adventure, and magical fantasy. Magic races such as elves and dwarves are blended together with steam-powered Vernesian uber-tech and placed in a world of international intrigue.

Although suffering a bit from a tendency to throw everything but the kitchen sink, and a quirky card-based game mechanic which is definitely an acquired taste, the game provides a rich setting for Steampunk Era fantasy.


1. Castle Falkenstein page at the R. Talsorian website
2. GURPS Castle Falkenstein — adapting the setting to 3rd Edition GURPS rules

Game and Story Use

  • Castle Falkenstein is a perfect setting for people who like their Steampunk with a twist of Elf.
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