Cattle Baron
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Basic Information

A Cattle Baron is the Rancher writ large. Instead of owning one regular-sized ranch, this Western Character will own several ranches, possibly in more than one state, or a county-sized ranch with many thousand head of cattle. He (or very rarely she) will be one of the wealthiest people in the territory or state, and one of the biggest employers.

A Cattle Baron is generally at least middle-aged—it takes a while to accumulate that much capital. Their clothing, tack and homes will tend to be rather ostentatious, but somewhat practical for range life. Cattle Barons will usually have either grown or nearly grown children, a beautiful daughter and/or either a rebellious or dutiful son. Conflicts between the children, and with their parents, are frequent.

Compare the Railroad Baron.



Game and Story Use

  • In The Western, a Cattle Baron will often be the Big Bad of the story, (Aristocrats Are Evil, even if the "Baron" bit is metaphorical with "Robber Baron") with the desire to buy out or crush independent ranchers and homesteaders to add to his wealth and power.
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