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Basic Information

A cavalier1 is an artificial hill constructed inside a fortification to give direct-fire artillery a clear line of fire over the outer walls and so to add to the volume of fire that the work as a whole can generate.

Given the significant damage that can be done by a large calibre round passing close by (not to mention the risks of an accident or malfunction causing a low shot) such a construction needs to be significantly taller than the curtain wall and this in turn makes it an excellent target for enemy gunners. Of course, the designer can then fortify the top of the cavalier, but this adds mass and requires a significantly sturdier construction overall. Unsurprisingly these are not common, but still occur from time to time - sometimes even being built during a siege as an expedient measure. From time to time a medieval motte could also be cleared and re-purposed, particularly if it wasn't being used for much otherwise2.


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Game and Story Use

  • Building a temporary cavalier might be a useful trick during a siege where the enemy have already suppressed the wall batteries - or, for that matter, there are some field artillery units holed up in the castle that can't be found space for on the walls.
  • An apparent cavalier under construction may prove a useful distraction for enemy artillery - especially if you have plenty of labour to spare.
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