Caverns Of Chaos
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By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Adventure Seed

An amateur spelunker has been found deep in a little-explored corner of Kentucky's Mammoth Cave, paralyzed with fear and rambling incoherently about unimaginable horrors. The spelunker is a friend or relative of one of the PC's and so they decide to investigate. The Park officials, naturally, are uncooperative and wish no one to go wandering in the caves "for safety reasons", but the PC's encounter an eccentric topologist who has a bizarre theory that the convolutions of the cave system actually form fourth-dimensional constructs in places. He claims that somewhere in the Mammoth Caves there is a wormhole, formed by the cavern's complex topology, connecting it to… where?

Do the PC's dare seek out this wormhole? And what will they find on the other side? Will they risk the madness that lies beyond The Caverns of Chaos…?

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