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Basic Information

A centipede is a type of multi-legged arthropod. Their bodies are made up of an odd number of segments, and each segment has a single pair of legs. Depending on species, they could have anywhere from 20 to 600 legs!

Most centipedes are carnivorous and employ venom. Real world examples top out at about a foot long, preying on small animals from mammals to invertebrates with venom that is painful and debilitating to humans but not fatal unless the human is an infant, already sick or suffers an allergic reaction to the bite. They are, however, often aggressive if disturbed and some of the larger varieties have been known to dangle from ceilings in the hope of catching bats - with the potential for passers by to get a face full of hungry centipede. There is no pressing reason for fantastic or primordial versions not to be significantly larger and version with more dangerous venom would be well within the reach of credibility even in the real world.

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Game and Story Use

  • Decent competition for rats as entry level vermin for PCs to hunt - or as obstacles to be encountered when rummaging in heaps of things or using obscure crawl ways.
  • The "hanging from the ceiling" variety could easily be translated to hanging from branches outdoors looking for birds instead of bats.
  • Also, cold blooded, so the dungeon dwelling variety can still get up in the face of all those species that can apparently see in infra-red.
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