Centralia, Pennsylvania
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Basic Information

Centralia, Pennsylvania is a near ghost town in Pennsylvania. There are significant coal deposits below the town, which started to burn when local firefighters carelessly set fire in the town's landfill which was adjacent to an abandoned mine in 1962. The fire spread underground, and has continued to burn through the present day.

Many attempts were made to extinguish the fire beginning in the 1960s. Residents learned of the scope of the problem in 1979, and the United States Congress provided $40 million in relocation funds in 1984. At first, relocation from the town was voluntary.

In 1992, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania claimed eminent domain on all remaining properties within the borough. This sparked a series of lawsuits by the remaining residents. In 2013, they settled with the State and may live in their homes until they decide to leave or pass away.

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Game and Story Use

  • The fire might not have been caused by the careless burning of garbage, but by supernatural entities made out of fire.
    • Even if it wasn't caused by such entities, the fire could certainly attract them - and they could reach the surface to attack humans, especially if someone tries a new high-tech approach for extinguishing the fire.
  • This is certainly one of the more spectacular ghost towns, and might attract doomsday cults.
  • So… an "accident" creates a neverending fire, then (30 years later) the government claims eminent domain and tries to force everyone out? Sounds like the work of The Conspiracy...
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