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Basic Information

A chakram is a thrown weapon native to the Indian subcontinent consisting of a razor edged metal hoop, often deployed by spinning the blunt inner edge around the user's finger and releasing with a flick of the wrist.

Although initially widespread in India the chakram eventually became percieved as a signature weapon of the Sikhs after being favoured by some of the earlier gurus.

Variants of the original chakram spread throughout Central and South-East Asia and eventually made it as far as the Mongols, but were never especially prominent.


2. Television: Xena, Warrior Princess — a chakram was her signature weapon
3. Movie: Goldfinger (1964) — the character of Oddjob from this James Bond movie threw a razor-brimmed bowler hat like a chakram. Okay, the way I just said that sounds stupid, but in the movie it looks cool.

Game and Story Use

  • Pretty much a shiny thing for PCs - not as deadly as traditionally depicted and more of a nuisance weapon but still flashy and impressive.
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