Changed My Jumper
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Basic Information

You'd think that a Time Traveler would have to go to exacting trouble researching the fashions of any era they wished to visit. According to this Trope, that's not really necessary - a couple simple props, a flick of the collar, or a change of coat is enough to blend right in.

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Game and Story Use

  • A Veteran Chrononaut is sure to be aware of how well this works within the setting.
    • Real pros might have a taken classes in costuming and own a large wardrobe.
    • Why go to that trouble when you can get away with neutral-toned cotton, brown leather boots and belt, and non-descript tailoring that works for any era?
      • The trained eye might be able to pick Time Travelers out of a crowd. Anyone wearing clothing that neither draws attention nor really suggests a particular era is automatically suspect.
  • Denying this trope will go a long way toward establishing verisimilitude, but at the cost of requiring some research on the part of the GM or players.
    • Unlike TV Directors, a Game Master doesn't have to hire a wardrobe department. You can hand wave this away with "You fetch the appropriate clothes from the Time Machine and suit up before going out."
    • A book I've found helpful is The Chronicle Of Western Fashion by John Peacock, which features illustrations of clothing from Ancient Egypt through the 1970s. Stumbled across it in a used bookstore for a decent price.
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