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A Charioteer is the "pilot" or crew of a Chariot. Major military-grade chariots in the ancient world] were expensive to build, difficult to maintain, and were among the most powerful weapons of their age. As a result, chariots were upper-class weapons, and the Charioteers may have had comparable social status, wealth, and rarity to the knights of the middle ages. Alternatively he might be more of a batman or squire to the actual aristocrat who is the chariot archer or lancer.

In the classical era, by contrast, the most prominent charioteers would have been the racing drivers of the Roman Circuses - celebrity sportsmen akin to the modern auto-racing driver. The highest paid athlete in history was Gaius Appuleius Diocles, a chariot-racer from Ancient Rome whose lifetime winnings were tens of thousands of pounds of gold.


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