Charles Bonnet Syndrome
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Basic Information

Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a mental disorder which causes otherwise mentally healthy people to see hallucinations of things they know aren't there. It is named for the scientist who first described it in 1769.

This particular disorder mostly affects people who have impaired vision due to age or injury. The disorder tends to be acute, and clears up after a year to 18 months in most cases. There's no universal treatment agreed upon by doctors, though sometimes it's associated with depression.

The hallucinations tend to have a "Lilliput" theme. That is, the afflicted will see objects (such as tiny people, animals, or plants) that don't exist, and these visions are of things much smaller than real objects would be. The hallucinations do not affect other senses at all - so illusory characters would be mute and make no sound when scurrying across the table. In general, the sufferers understand that what they are seeing is not real, and are typically mentally healthy in all regards save seeing these obviously false miniature visions.


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