9,000 Year Dormant Chilean Volcano Erupts During Lightning Storm
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May 3, 2008: A volcano in Chile that had remained dormant for 9,000 years erupted unexpectedly and during a stunning lightning storm.[2] Many photos were taken and they are breath-taking. Just look at the UPI.com photos.[1]


Game and Story Use

  • A storm like this could herald in some new wizard.
  • This storm and volcanic explosion could be the very description you need for the beginning of the apocalypse.
  • If this storm where seen on the horizon and were moving toward the players, what would they do? Can the act fast enough?
  • A storm-hunter might live his whole life wishing to see something this amazing and then stay put as long as possible just to get as many shots as (s)he could.
  • What would cause a volcano that was dormant for 9,000 years to suddenly explode with this force? Could it be magic, science, myth, or religion?
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