Chinese Scientists Reprogram Cells To Create Mice
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July 24, 2009: Chinese scientists have implanted skin cells of mice into mice embryos and brought them to term, resulting in mice whose genetic material is 95% identical with that of the genetic donor. In theory, it would be possible to recreate the same process with humans, resulting in a human chimera - a person who shares genes from two people but isn't the result of natural reproduction.

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Game and Story Use

  • The creation of such people would lead to all sorts of legal issues in more conservative societies.
    • Diplomatic issues as well, if one nation permits it and another one doesn't.
  • If super powers are genetic in origin, this would be an easy way to mass-produce people with such powers. After all, with traditional reproduction you lose half of the genes of the super-powered person in question. With this process, you lose only 5% of them.
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