Chocolate Show
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Basic Information

Every year there is an annual chocolate fashion show where models dress up in clothes made by and with chocolate. Some of the articles of clothing are fabric infused with chocolate and some are just pure chocolate. On November 7, 2008 the 10th annual chocolate show was held for 3 days in New York City, New York. Many of the models wore super hero style costumes and some of them pranced around as groups on stage before a live audience. [1] [2]


Game and Story Use

  • This could be a fun one-shot game where your players are all super heroes dressed up with some sort of food theme
  • You could have a super hero dressed up with food make an appearance.
  • A villain could be obsessed with food and dress in it.
  • Absurd costumes don't have to be centered around food, but can look just as fascinating as the costumes a fashion model might wear.
  • What if the team in your game were all fashion models by day, and super heroes by night?
  • What if there was a corrupt drug smuggling ring that involved fashion models who wore the drug laced clothing once, and then sold it "for charity"?
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