Choleric Personality
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Basic Information

The Choleric Personality is one of the four basic personality types according to Humorism. It the personality type associated with the humor known as Yellow Bile.

A choleric person is ambitious and aggressive. They're charismatic, but prone to arrogance or anger.


Game and Story Use

  • May be used as a characterization handle for dictating how a particular PC or NPC behaves.
  • In humorism, this personality type is associated with the Classical Element of Fire, which might suggest ideas for any magic or powers the character might have.
  • This personality will work well for NPC military leaders, big businessmen, born royalty, etc. People who compete heavily to climb up the success ladder, and then throw their weight around when they reach that position of prominence. They can inspire loyalty in others, but are very vengeful if they feel betrayed. All of which makes them a good choice for Big Bad Evil Guy.
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