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Basic Information

Chronos is a god from Greek Mythology who is depicted as the personification of time. He is said to be incorporeal, and has a serpentine body with three heads - that of a human, a bull, and a lion. He and his consort Ananke circled the world-egg in the beginning and split it up to create the ordered universe of earth, sea, and sky.

He may - or may not - be the same entity as the Titan Cronus, son of Uranus and Gaia and father of Zeus. If not, he is usually part of a radically divergent mythology that may have originated outside Greece and been integrated at a later point.



Game and Story Use

  • The decidedly non-human appearance might hint at a Great Old One or other chtonic entity behind the guise - Yig, maybe?
    • Possibly the myths of the serpent people about the creation of the world got garbled and retold by the ancient Greeks.
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