Chupacabra Sighting Times Two
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July 14 2010 - Not just sightings, but two confirmed kills! Two of the ugliest and strangest looking canines have been shot and killed at two different sites in Hood County, Texas this week. Much speculation abounds as to whether these will turn out to be mutants, ugly inbred dogs with mange, or the elusive Chupacabra. The dog-like things have been attacking livestock and animals in the area, running wild across property lines, and appear to have no fear of man.

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1. original article - MSNBC news video and short Yahoo Buzz article about it

Game and Story Use

  • The PCs are heading to Texas for some completely unrelated purpose. Time for a chupacabra surprise!
    • Even if it's not a supernatural game, you could still have a chupacabra encounter, with them facing off against just some sort of emerging canine species or diseased dog.
    • If it is a World of Darkness game, X-files investigation, or similar setting, the dog-like things could have all sorts of crazy powers.
      • Maybe these ones that went down so easy were just the pups.
      • Maybe 10% of them have hypnotic powers. You can get the drop on them as long as you don't make eye contact.
      • Perhaps they grow weak if they don't have goats to feed on. They were mostly attacking chickens in texas.
      • Maybe the Texas strain is just weaker then the Central American version of the species.
        • They may be kept in check battling against their ancient enemy, the jackalope.
  • The article and video concludes by saying that until DNA tests come back, we won't know if it's a Chupacabra. Realistically, they probably meant that until the tests come back, they can't rule out it just being a dog. But in a game with a government conspiracy going on, you just know there has to be some secret lab where they have chupacabra and comelenguas DNA on file to compare it against.
  • As you can see in the "see also" links, this is at least the third time that these creatures have been killed, and the covered in the news. The first time in 2007, the second in 2009. Each original article said it was waiting on the DNA tests to come back, but the news sources never seem to do follow ups when the DNA results come out. What was I just saying about a conspiracy theory? Men In Black show up to take the corpses away, perhaps, and then the newspapers are paid off or threatened into silence?
  • Baghdad officials have killed over 58,000 stray dogs - perhaps what they aren't telling us is that Baghdad has a Chupacabra problem?
  • After The End, packs of bloodthirsty Chupacabra will be running through the ruins of mankind. See also Post-apocalyptic Decay and related topics.
  • Texas borders on New Mexico. These creatures might be escaped lab subjects from Dulce Base, New Mexico USA.
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