Church Approves Wisconsin Apparition Of Mary
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December 8, 2010: The Roman Catholic Church officially recognized the apparition, or appearance, of the Virgin Mary to a young woman in Wisconsin in 1859. The woman, named Adele Brise, was a recent immigrant to the United States living in the small town of Champion, just east of Green Bay. In October of 1859, the Blessed Virgin appeared to her on three separate occasions, dressed in shining white clothing, and urging her to teach the children of the wild frontier area. Brise became a nun and followed the Queen of Heaven's command.

A shrine was built in Champion to commemorate the visions, but the Church did not officially acknowledge them as authentic until now. The proclamation recognizing the Champion apparition followed a two-year investigation of the occurence by Church officials, and was read at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, an important Catholic holy day honoring Mary.


Game and Story Use

  • PC's could encounter a person whose life has been changed by a holy vision like Adele's, or a community where such an apparition has taken place.
    • Was the apparition real? The people in the community believe it was!
  • In a campaign where gods and/or divine entities intervene in mortal affairs, a PC may well have recieved such a vision. How would that affect their goals and their actions?
  • The PC's might be investigators, either from the Church or more secular agencies, trying to determine the truth of the matter.
    • And don't think that the Church is neccessarily less skeptical than the scientists in these matters; the Church invented the role of the "Devil's Advocate".
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