Civil War Raging in Right-Wing Blogosphere
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April 21, 2009: After the lost election in the United States, two conservative bloggers are attacking each other wildly, accusing each other of betrayal and insanity.

As far as anyone can tell this had nothing to do with the election since the dispute in question started some time before, or right wing politics since the two blogs in question are more concerned about publicising the drawbacks of the spread of Islam in the Western World, but doubtless there is a civil war raging somewhere in the blogosphere at any given moment. It's like that.



Game and Story Use

  • After every major defeat, people on the losing side will start blaming each other for each others' perceived failings. This could be interesting to happen to the faction the PCs are belonging - not only will they be the target of slander if they have risen to prominence inside their faction, but the effectiveness of their faction will be undermined further through all the mutual blaming, making it harder to organize an effective counterattack against their real enemies.
  • Justifies the formation of a new Third Party or other alterations to the political landscape Twenty Minutes Into The Future.
  • It's amazing what happens to stories once the media gets hold of them.
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