Class G Star
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Basic Information

Class G stars are yellow and yellow-white stars. Our sun is a Class G star. Most Gs are main sequence dwarf stars, more properly classified as G V Stars. About 1 in 13 main sequence stars in our part of the galaxy are class G.

Very few giant or supergiant stars are class G. There exists a condition known as the "Yellow Evolutionary Void". Basically, supergiants swing from Class O or B into Class K or Class M and back, without stopping in Class G. If they exist as a Class G, it's only for a very short amount of time (especially when considered in the life span of a star). G class just isn't a stable condition for really big stars, and may lead to a Yellow Supergiant going Supernova.

Class G stars are mostly composed of Hydrogen and Helium, but also have noticeable amounts of Calcium in their spectra.

Specific named Class G stars


Game and Story Use

  • Yellow stars have similar temperature and chemical composition to our Sun, may be potential HabStars, and give superman special powers.
  • When the local supergiant star turns yellow, it's time to pack up and fly home!
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