Classical Mythology
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Basic Information

Classical Mythology is the melded jumble of Greek Mythology, Etruscan Mythology, and Roman Mythology. Due to Syncretism, Bisociation, and Interpretatio Graeca, the Greek and Etruscan myths melded in Ancient Rome, and often appear as a single body of lore from our modern vantage point. While this pop-culture blending is somewhat lamentable (and in some ways technically inaccurate), it does free up the GM/Author to use whatever elements of classic myths he or she wants without having to worry about strict authenticity. Not that "authenticity" itself even has much meaning, given the extremely high number of authors who wrote on this subject across so many centuries. Have fun with it!

List of Tropes used in Classical Mythology:


See also Mythological Characters.
If you want to stick with the Greek interpretation (if, for example, you're running a game set in Ancient Greece) of the Gods, see Greek Mythology.
If you want the interpretation used in Ancient Rome, see Roman Mythology and Interpretatio Graeca.



Game and Story Use

  • Classic myth has inspired authors and dreamers for thousands of years. Why reinvent the wheel when you can borrow from a proven winner?
    • Dressing characters up in a new setting can make the stale seem fresh and innovative. Ever see Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?? It's basically Homer's Odyssey transplanted to the Deep South, but not everyone realizes that on first viewing.
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