Classy Cat Burglar
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Basic Information

Technically speaking, any second story artist who sneaks in through windows to rob people is called a Cat Burglar; but isn't cooler when the burglar is a sexy gal in a cat-suit?

The Classy Cat Burglar does not just rob anybody's second story; she likes the high life and has a taste for diamonds, and her targets are rich, society folk; especially rich nasty people who deserve it. She also enjoys flirting with the detective/insurance investigator/crime fighter who is trying to catch her.

The Classy Cat Burglar does not necessarily have to dress like a cat or use a feline motif in her crimes, but a lot of the archetypes do.

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Game and Story Use

  • The Classy Cat Burglar is usually a loner; if she joins a group, she is likely to be the least trustworthy member. For that reason, she is challenging to work into a PC group.
    • The exception: sometimes the Classy Cat Burglar will be part of a Classy Cat Burglar Team! How sexy is that?
      • The anime series Cat's Eye, about a team of sisters who only steal art treasures which had once belonged to their father, is an example of this.
    • Can also be rolled over into fRPG tropes if The Thief is a female character and played with cat-burglar like traits1.
  • She makes a good NPC, either as an adversary or as a romantic partner.
    • Or as both!
  • For a (somewhat predictable) double dip, how about a Cat Burglar who steals expensive pedigree cats?
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