Click — bang! Online hunting faces hurdles
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November 23, 2004: A hunter from Texas plans to build a web site where would-be hunters could pay for remotely controlling a gun via the Internet to shoot at live animals.



Game and Story Use

  • In a Dystopia/Crapsack World, sufficiently evil businessmen could install such gun-webcams in slums or third world nations, and subscribers could use them to shoot at people for fun.
    • Taken a step further, such gun cameras could be installed on remotely controlled robots so that subscribers could hunt people down instead of "merely" sniping at them.
    • Hey, make this a military application and then we could make rooting Terry out of Afghanistan self financing … whole new gloss on 'Call of Duty:Modern Warfare'.
  • What could possibly go wrong with a weapon that was remote controlled over the internet?
    • Would make quite an interesting opening to a murder/forensics style adventure.
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