Clingy Jealous Girl
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Basic Information

She's cute, and highly affectionate, and just the teensiest bit possessive. And if you so much as look at another woman, she's going to break your spine in three places. And then feed you homemade soup while you're in traction. Beware the Clingy Jealous Girl.



Game and Story Use

  • This character works best in a comedic setting, or as comedy relief in a more serious campaign.
  • She works better as an NPC inflicting herself on one of the PC's rather than a PC
    • Although a PC Clingy Jealous Girl in love with an NPC might possibly work.
    • If she becomes too annoying, her PC love interest will find a way to get rid of her. PCs are like that.
  • Another possiblity is having a Clingy Jealous Girl and the object of her affection both be NPCs… but she regards one of the PC's as a romantic rival to be eliminated, one way or another.
  • A really good thing to assign to a PC to chew up unearned points… a nearly inescabable enemy that they have no justification for killing.
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