Coconut Pearl
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Basic Information

A coconut pearl is an extremely rare gemstone, similar to an opal and occasionally found inside coconuts. Such is the rarity of these stones that many authorities believe them to be a hoax - or at least insufficiently verifiable, and it is not immediately clear how they would arise.

In common with many rare things, the coconut pearl is sometimes ascribed supernatural powers - in particular Philipino legend considers them a sovereign protection against berbalangs, although the Philipinos also believe that the powers of the stone only work for the person that found it and are lost if it changes hands.


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Game and Story Use

  • An NPC obsessed with the idea of acquiring a coconut pearl - either for botanical study, or for some mystical purpose - could be played for varying levels of humour.
  • Might be an unexpected bonus for a foraging PC - or something won in a coconut-shy by someone with suspicious levels of luck, especially if their next case involves corpse desecration in the local Philipino community…
  • A magic item with a coconut pearl as a component might only work for its maker. Good if you want to protect against thieves; not so good if you need something that can only be made that way.
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