College Loan Slavery - Student Debt Is Getting Way Out of Hand
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November 12, 2008: Recent American college and university graduates find themselves with high student debts and low job prospects as their country heads into a recession, leading to an inability to pay even the interest on their loan and finding themselves with ever-higher debts.



Game and Story Use

  • Player character motivation is important for the smooth flow of a campaign. Unexpected but crushing student debts can be a powerful motivating force for recent graduates in a Present Day setting (or in any other time and place with similar situations) - leading otherwise ordinary people to desperately accept dangerous, risky, and/or illegal jobs which under normal situation they would never even consider. The conflict between their financial situation and their ethics can serve as a great source of drama and character development, and it should be easy to emphasize with the unexpected situation they find themselves in.
    • This situation might not only apply to a single PC, but to the entire party - all of them a friends back from college and find themselves unexpectedly unemployed, and now decide to get involved in a risky adventure to raise some desperately needed cash. But they have a plan. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
    • Don't forget to use this situation to get the affected PCs in trouble with collection agencies!
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