Cool Big Sis
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Basic Information

Some big sisters can be a pain. Then there's the Cool Big Sis. She's maybe not that much older, but she's a little more experienced, a little more practiced in the ways of the world. She has a driver's license and maybe even is old enough to drink. She's the one who teaches her younger sister how to put on lipstick, or how to deal with boys. And she'll usually stand up for her in a tight spot.



Game and Story Use

  • The Cool Big Sis is almost by definition an NPC, to a PC who is a younger character.
  • Not necessarily, though. A PC could take on the role of Big Sister to an NPC dependent, or even a younger PC, becoming a mentor figure and protector.
  • This role can also serve as a sort of "anima-mentor" to a male character.
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